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Youth Work



The Point has a full time youth worker; David Shanks (otherwise known as Skittles), who studied a 3 year Youth Work and Theology Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree at Moorlands Christian Theology and Training College (accredited by the University of Gloucestershire). To find out more about the youth work Skittles will be involved with, or if you are interested in helping with youth work yourself, see below for The Point activities.

Schools Work
Off The Park-Under 14 Bible Study

This Bible study meets at the Street Light Centre, in Stone Lane Industrial Estate on Tuesday evenings between 5pm and 7pm. The young people have a chance to skate.  We then chill, eat pizza and discuss the Bible in ways relevant to the young people, helping them to engage with it and look at fundamental ways they can use its teachings within their own lives.  Then they have a chance to finish off the evening either by continuing to skate or carrying on asking questions about what they have studied or life in general.

For More Information

To find out more about the youth work going on, or for any more information on how you may be able to get involved please email:

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The Reef

The Reef is a local youth centre in Colehill. The Point heard that they were in need of  youth workers to help with their youth evenings.  The Point now releases Skittles to help out at the Reef for 3 nights a week help fulfill this need. If you feel like you may be able to help the Reef financially or you are willing to volunteer some time to help this wonderful organisation, please go to their website:

The Point sees the value of helping in the local community and helping our young people, so we have released Skittles to work in the 3 schools in Wimborne.  He spends a day in each school providing them with mentoring services with young people. A long  side the Mentoring he is working with other local Christian youth workers to deliver assemblies and Christian unions, giving young people the chance to hear the gospel and engage with The Bible.

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